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Bihoro used to be called "Pet-poro" by the indigenous people.

It has been fortunate to be rich in greenery with fertile land area.

We have also had the wisdom of preceding generation passed on to us.

Bihoro town office open in the 20th year of the Meiji era, or in 1887.

Since we designated the year as the beginning of Bihoro's growth.

In1987, or the 62th year of the Showa era, we celebrated Bihoro's centenary after 100 years growth. At that time, the population of the town was about 25,000. In order to commemorate the above.

"Bihoro Museum" were completed to respect the courage and sagacity of our ancestors, as to inspire our children who have the future in their hands.

Bihoro Museum

253-4 Midori Bihoro-Cho Abashiri-gun Hokkaido Japan
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