History and Activiteties




The Bihoro Museum was established in 1987 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Public Office for the Administration of Bihoro.

The museum was opened in order to convey the wisdom and courage of our predecessors and to support children through education.

The Agriculture Museum, which was  opende at the same time as the Bihoro Museum, merged with the Bihoro Museum in 2007 and was

renovated by curators and volunteers into the second and third exhibition rooms. As a museum that focuses on the history, nature, and

art of Bihoro, the Bihoro Museum serves as a center for the collection and preservation of materials, as well as for hands-on learning.





 Surveys and research are couducted on local history,nature and art.



 The museum has been collecting and preserving archaeological artifacts, natural historical materials, domestic articles and art work.

 Databases of these collections have been made available to many people.



 The museum offers various programs for hands-on learning. These consist of musum programs on natural science, history and art, creation

 programs, workshops, and classes given in cooperation with schools. Exhibitions at the museum include special and rotating ones.